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Barcodes in a time of Covid.

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

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Your barcode questions answered.

“Change brings opportunity”. Nido Qubein, businessman, motivational speaker and president of High Point University, North Carolina.

In the past, innovative businesses have emerged from periods of crisis - Google, eBay, LinkedIn after 2001 and Dropbox, Uber, Airbnb, WhatsAap, Groupon, Pinterest and Instagram that were all founded during or just post the global financial crisis.

Crisis yields opportunity.

Whilst deeply tragic on a humanitarian level, the global Covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge increase in creativity and entrepreneurial activity. Novel ideas are being developed to respond to existing or emerging needs. Many of these entrepreneurs envisage their Covid-19 inspired innovations becoming sustainable, scalable businesses post pandemic.

eCommerce adoption has accelerated at a massive pace due to social distancing and lockdowns. Consumers who were previously reluctant to buy online have been forced to do so and now see the benefits and convenience it brings to their lives.

With the upsurge in entrepreneurial activity, Barcode Ireland has received an influx of enquiries around barcodes - an essential element in the launch of any new product into retail/wholesale.

What do I do when I receive the barcode?

Having purchased a barcode through our straightforward, secure website, simply take it along to your chosen retailer who will manually enter your product details into their computer system. Simultaneously, they will assign your EAN or UPC barcode to that product in their inventory. Every time the barcode is scanned by the teller, your personal account with that retailer receives a credit.

Are there any stores that won’t accept my barcode?

Not that we at Barcode Ireland are aware of.

I need barcodes for three different products that I want to get into retail, how many barcodes do I need?

Every product or variation in product requires a unique barcode. If, for example, you are selling three different coloured face masks in two different sizes, you will require 6 barcodes in order that the retailer can keep track of stock/sales data and react accordingly.

Multicoloured face mask.

My range of organic juices are bottled in transparent packaging, can I use a standard barcode?

A standard EAN or UPC barcode can be used, however it's vital that there is enough contrast between the black lines of the barcode and the colour of the juice in the background, generally 63% or higher. Certain colour combinations do not work. Our sizing, dimensions and colour guide will assist you and your graphic designer with the worldwide variations and recommendations, https://www.barcodeireland.ie/dimensions-and-sizing

What dimensions should I use for my barcode so that its readable?

If you use the barcode images we email you as is and print them at a resolution of 300dpi they should be scannable. Should you wish to alter them, refer to our sizing dimensions and colour guide for recommendations, https://www.barcodeireland.ie/dimensions-and-sizing

My product is aimed at the retail market in Ireland and Europe, which barcode do I need to use?

Retailers in Ireland and Europe use the EAN-13 (European Article Number) barcode. North America predominantly require a UPC-A (Universal Product Code) however both barcodes can be read with modern scanners globally. Barcode Ireland offers a dual package of EAN & UPC barcodes and their images, in two different file formats for the price of one.

I have a number of products ready to launch, others to follow. Is there an expiry date on the barcodes?

Barcode Ireland barcodes do not have an expiry date. You can buy barcodes in larger quantities which may make economic/practical sense and hold the balance in abeyance until you are ready to use them. Purchased for a once off fee, they are yours in perpetuity; there are no licensing, renewal or covert fees.

For a more comprehensive list of frequently asked questions have a look at our FAQ page, https://www.barcodeireland.ie/faq

We speak to and support the entrepreneur and small business owner.

Our barcodes work internationally. Should you require barcodes for your products, please visit our Buy page www.barcodeireland.ie/buy, or contact us on info@barcodeireland.ie or through the contact form on our website www.barcodeireland.ie/contact and let Barcode Ireland help your business.

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