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Custom Retail Packaging - what’s in a box?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

A cost effective consideration in your brand marketing arsenal.

Whether the look is minimalistic or handcrafted, the power of custom product packaging in retail should never be underestimated. A study published in Marketing and Psychology 2013 demonstrated that attractive packaging created stronger activity in the reward-seeking areas of the brain than plain packaging. Subconsciously, appealing packaging affects our decision making. Its estimated that some 75% of consumers worldwide are influenced by packaging and therefore its an essential, cost effective consideration in your brand marketing arsenal.

Not only does packaging protect your product, it lends valuable information about your product, such as its provenance, its uniqueness and instructions on how to use it. It displays striking promotions and depicts an aura of professionalism. The packaging essentially becomes an extension of the brand.

Harnessing the power of cleverly designed custom packaging can set your brand apart from the crowd. The packaged product is often the first point of contact the customer will have with your brand and this interaction can leave an indelible impression. Perceived ‘add on’ value in appealing, quality wrapping creates the impression you care about the customer experience and will linger well beyond purchase.

Over 60% of customers will purchase a product off the shelf because of its packaging so therefore its also a powerful means of attracting new customers. Further, gift like packaging influences them to become repeat customers and over 50% of those will recommend the product to friends thereby exponentially increasing your customer base. In other words, custom packaging turns customers into brand ambassadors.

Of particular significance here is the impact of social media. Almost 70% of millennials are persuaded that user generated content speaks volumes to the quality of a product - your brand.

The ‘unboxing’ experience is a social media shared experience trend where Instagrammable customer photo shots expose your brand to new audiences. Packaging has become central to the customer experience. In fact, so often is the beauty and quality of packaging that we hesitate to discard it and seek to recycle/repurpose. Product identity and its packaging become intertwined. The premium packaging experience develops long-term customer relationships and brand loyalty. It demonstrates your brand’s commitment to quality, customer service, customer shopping experience and high value.

Globally there is increasing demand for brand transparency. Some 70% of customers (Consumer Goods Forum, 2018) are interested in the sustainability and provenance of products which cleverly designed packaging can inform, providing a further opportunity to differentiate your brand.

Minimalistic, environmentally friendly packaging, with clear details on the ingredients and a view of the product inside is on trend. Also trending, the handcrafted look where calligraphy, letterpress, and foiling are making a resurgence in product packaging.

Online and Offline stores will require different types of packaging. In the traditional bricks-and-mortar store it will be required to make your product stand out on the shelf, protect it from dust and handling whilst encouraging customers to touch/interact with it, demonstrate the value of your product and function as an extension of your brand.

Online store packaging performs alternative functions. Primarily, products need to be protected in transit to the customer. As customers do not experience the product tangibly prior to purchase, every opportunity to embed brand messaging after delivery should be maximised. They need to reinforce customer decision making by ensuring attention to detail and the customer shopping experience, thereby creating abiding customer loyalty.

Customised retail packaging is synonymous with status, transparency, value, brand extension, customer care/satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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