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Savvy social media tips for direct sales.

Leveraging social media to drive direct sales and revenue.

Social media is not just a marketing channel but has evolved into a powerful eCommerce channel.

On social media we socialise, get fit, eat healthier, expand our horizons and culinary skills, research, are entertained and shop. Social media is therefore an obvious marketing tool to harness in eCommerce. It’s estimated eCommerce will be responsible for just under $5 trillion sales in 2021!

Online shopping provides consumers instant access to a vast array of products which they can compare and where they can read instant reviews.

This does however make the market extremely competitive. It’s therefore essential to offer the customer the best quality in product, visuals, delivery and customer service to set your brand apart from the masses.

Direct sales on social media platforms requires a somewhat different marketing strategy.

Know your audience

It’s important not to view your audience as an amorphous group.

Conduct a thorough analysis of your target demographic.

What are their likes, dislikes, desires, problems and how will your product or service assist them? By truly understanding your audience you will be able to direct compelling content to them on appropriate social platforms.

Locate your audience

On which social media platform is your target market most active? FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest? By discerning which platform and manner of communication the customer prefers you can effectively direct strategic and compelling content and thereby drive potential sales.

Create valuable content

Entice, educate and entertain your audience - make them want to be your customer!

Blogging is an effective vehicle to communicate your persona and products to your audience. It’s an avenue to convey the benefits of your products/services and the problems it solves. It’s also a method of subtly advertising your products and expanding in more detail how they work.

Apart from blogging, it's useful to create bite-sized content to enlighten your audience - compelling enough to entice them to purchase. For example, you should provide valuable guides and how-to information to ease the sale.

Resources permitting, you could hire professional content creators who are experts at social media writing.

‘Tone of voice’

‘Tone of voice’ should demonstrate your brands personality and speak to the customer in their language of preference.

Your tone of voice will necessarily be different in speaking to a teen as opposed to a business! With teens you will include trends, memes and slang. With a business your content will be professional and authoritative leading to business growth.

Almost instantly tone of voice will inform your audience whether this site will be suitable for them and meet their needs.

Tone of voice is also a valuable tool to showcase your values. Increasingly a ‘brand with a purpose’ has gained importance with customers. They are concerned about the provenance of products and the way in which brands are socially engaged, supporting the environment, and human and animal rights.

Pick your platforms wisely

The various social platforms have different values and aesthetics. Instagram requires high quality visual content. If your profile is unappealing to customers they are unlikely to read your content. Facebook customers by comparison are more likely to read your post so it should be compelling!

It’s also worth noting that different audiences prefer different social platforms. Older generations on balance prefer FaceBook whereas Instagram is popular with millennials.

In terms of marketing strategy, it's important to factor in the algorithms employed by the various platforms. For example, Facebook favourably rates friends and family, engagement and images whilst devaluing baits and promotional posts. Instagram, by comparison, looks for engagement rank, relationships, relevancy, profile searches, and direct shares.

Social media influencers

The value of social media influencers as a marketing tool to drive sales cannot be overestimated. When using influencers ROI has been demonstrated in some instances to be as high as 600%!

Further, studies have shown that people trust social media influencers as they would do family and friends. The power of the social media influencer can be harnessed to showcase your products in photos or videos, providing honest reviews, engaging stories about your product and how-to tutorials.

Brand advocates

Whilst social media influencers are a reliable boost to ROI, your existing loyal customers can become brand ambassadors if incentivised by free stuff, vouchers and discounts. And its free!

User generated content

As part of your social media marketing strategy, it’s important to make use of consumer generated content to drive sales.

Today’s savvy consumers conduct thorough research online before committing to a purchase. To ease their anxiety around purchasing from brands and products they don’t know, they will read several reviews to ensure trustworthiness. Positive reviews and photos from other customers are deemed more relatable and honest.

Social media ads

Social media platforms provide ads that will more directly reach your target audience. It’s not necessary to advertise on all platforms - choose the ones where your audience is concentrated and active. For example, teens on Snapchat and TikTok, Mom’s on Facebook and Instagram. However, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube generate assured returns due to the scale and diversity of their audiences.

Rich and buyable pins

Pinterest is a quick method of generating online sales. Users spend more per order than any other platform. When planning to sell on Pinterest, simplify the purchasing process using Rich and Buyable pins.

Rich pins can be used to display valuable information such as the price and availability of your product or service easing the decision to purchase. This means the visitor has no need to look elsewhere for the information and stays on the site.

Buyable pins allow a swift, secure, simple way to buy without the site redirecting them.

Get personal

Social media is about conversing with your customers - the more you interact with them the more likely you will become their preferred brand. But just how do you interact on impersonal platforms? Surveys and quizzes are an effective means of garnering insights into your audience in order to personalise social media eCommerce. Make your website social friendly by incorporating social buttons which allow customers to share their reviews, recommendations and carts with family, friends and followers. So doing demonstrates how highly you value them and cements credibility.

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